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Summer Day, regretfully divorced owner of matchmaking service "Boomer Love,” struggles to give her oddball and demanding middle aged clients another shot at love while she nurses an empty heart hoping someday to have a man’s toothbrush parked next to hers.

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Boomer Love Episode 1

This is the first episode of our comedy series, Boomer Love.  The show is about Summer Day, who starts a matchmaking service for baby boomers, and her attempts to manage her oddball middle aged clients while dealing with her "why is this happening to me" life.

Boomer Love Episode 2

In episode 2 Summer deals with the unusual surprise in her living room.

Boomer Love Episode 3

Summer tells her friend Cynthia that she's not crazy and there really was a dead man in her house.  So who's the stranger knocking on her door?

Boomer Love Episode 4

After Summer's run in the Detective Marlowe and the strange man at her door, she heads to the beach for little "me" time only to have another odd experience with someone she used to know.

Boomer Love Episode 5

Summer has a customer relations problem - a client  had a terrible date!

Boomer Love Episode 6

Summer needs a spiritual consultation so she pays a visit to her personal guru, Shambala.

Boomer Love Episode 7

Summer tries to improve herself and make sense of papers her Ex left her while Griz faces danger from 

Jimmy Two Eyes.

Boomer Love Episode 8

Jimmy  Two Eyes intercepts a message from Summer as he tries to chemically induce information from Griz. Deep inside Summer, a small flickering flame still burns for Griz.

Boomer Love Episode 9 - Griz Pulls A Houdini

Griz is missing and Jimmy 2 Eyes isn't happy.

Boomer Love Episode 10 -Date Night

Summer sets up two dates !  How will they go?

Boomer Love Episode 11 -Twisted Sister

Summer's sister, Rainy Day, comes to visit.  It's a family affair.

Boomer Love Episode 12 - The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

In this season finale with a cliffhanger ending, Summer's life takes an unexpected turn.

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